Membership Benefits

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is the only national non-profit whose mission is solely focused on the needs of Free and Charitable Clinics and the populations they serve.

The Advocate for America's Free and Charitable Clinics

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) is the primary advocate and supporter of America's Free and Charitable Clinics. As the national voice for our Clinics, the NAFC has an active role in helping to shape national health care policy and legislation that affect Free and Charitable Clinics and the people they serve.

Our extensive national network of relationships with local and regional Free and Charitable Clinic leaders, policy makers, and vendors is focused on delivering medical and dental care to the families and individuals served by our clinics.

Expanded Free and Charitable Clinic Purchasing Power

NAFC member Free and Charitable Clinics benefit from the collective purchasing power of our association that results in reduced costs for medical/dental supplies and the opportunity to receive donated pharmaceuticals and supplies.

NAFC makes available donated medications to member Clinics. In 2007 alone, over $40 million dollars in donated major pharmaceuticals were distributed to NAFC member Clinics.

NAFC also makes available to member Clinics deeply discounted prices on much needed medical products through our national partnerships.

Practical Help for Starting and Operating a Free or Charitable Clinic

Starting and operating a Free or Charitable Clinic is a commitment of the heart but it also requires practical skills and organization. NAFC helps community and faith-based organizations interested in starting a Free or Charitable Clinic understand the aspects to take into consideration as well as connects them to the right educational resources.

Access to Funding Sources and Important Clinic Information

NAFC's website,, is a major resource for staff, board members and volunteers of Free and Charitable Clinics. It has the latest information on clinic staffing, funding and operations; getting access to donated and discounted pharmaceutical and medical supplies; health care policy and legislative issues that affect Free and Charitable Clinics; and educational and professional development opportunities for NAFC members.

Networking, Continuing Education and Retirement Plan

The annual NAFC Symposium is the only national meeting of Free and Charitable Clinic leaders dedicated to addressing the needs, concerns and issues of our Clinics. The Symposium combines plenary sessions on major issues, practical workshops on topics related to operating a local Free or Charitable Clinic, and networking with clinic leaders from throughout the nation.

Participation in retirement plans for NAFC member Clinic staff is available through our partnership with Mutual of America.


Membership in the NAFC is open to Free or Charitable medical and dental Clinics, central fill pharmacies and Free or Charitable Clinic associations through three types of memberships: General, Corporate or State and Regional Association membership.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP is open to Free or Charitable medical and dental Clinics and central fill pharmacies. Annual dues are based on the clinic's current operating budget.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP is open to corporations, nonprofits and other organizational partners of the NAFC.

STATE ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP is open to state and regional associations of Free and Charitable Clinics.

To Join NAFC please visit the Join NAFC Page.