NAFC, CVS Health & CVS Health Foundation Grant Program

About the NAFC - CVS Health and CVS Health Foundation Grant Programs


CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation have been long-standing partners of the NAFC for many years, working to help increase access to care, building infrastructure at free and charitable clinics nationwide.

Our partnership with CVS Health has been focused on increasing access to health care for underserved populations and since 2015, the CVS Health Foundation has donated more than $9 million in grants to the NAFC and to our Free and Charitable Clinics around the country to help empower health care professionals in local communities to help build healthier communities.

Grants programs over the past several years have focused on a range of areas including: increasing access to quality care and supporting the management of chronic disease, providing more wraparound services to address the social determinants of health and supporting treatment and prevention of substance abuse, including opioid and tobacco.



Coronavirus Relief Grant


CVS Health supports COVID-19 relief efforts with nearly $1.5 million in grants to California nonprofits - April 30, 2020 -


2019 Coordinated Care for Improved Health Outcomes Grant Program


As part of its ongoing commitment to building healthier communities, CVS Health and its Foundation announced $2.9 million in grants to the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (NAFC) and their members. The funding supported approximately 130 Free & Charitable Clinics in their efforts to help patients manage chronic disease, provide more wraparound services to address the social determinants of health and support treatment and prevention of substance abuse, including opioid and tobacco.

The 2019 grants were be distributed to Free and Charitable Clinics in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington, and range from $10,000 to $20,000 each. A list of grantees can be found below.

July 18, 2019 - CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation Building Healthier Communities across the Country with Nearly $3 Million in New Grants to Free Clinics




2018 Coordinated Care for Improved Health Outcomes Grant Program


CVS Health Foundation partnered with the NAFC in a Coordinated Care for Improved Health Outcomes Grant program, making one-year grants available to Free and Charitable Clinics, Charitable Pharmacies and State Associations that are members in good standing of the NAFC. Coordinated Care for Improved Health Outcomes funding was focused on programs or projects which combat Diabetes and Hypertension among the medically underserved.

March 1, 2018 - CVS Health Foundation Increases Access to Health Care Across the Country with $1 Million in New Grants 

Over 17,000 patients across America had access to needed health care as a result of the 2018 funding from the CVS Health Foundation. Two grantees alone saved their local hospitals $9.7 million by providing primary care to patients who would otherwise rely on the emergency room. Click the infographic below to learn more!



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2019 Recipients


2018 Recipients


  • St. Vincent de Paul Virginia G. Piper Medical and Dental Center (Phoenix, AZ) - $10,000 – to support and implement individualized patient plans of care that will help achieve higher adherence rates for patients with diabetes.
  • Center for Family Health & Education (Panorama City, CA) - $20,000 – to support educational programs for patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how to manage their blood sugar levels.
  • The Free Clinic of Simi Valley (Simi Valley, CA) - $20,000 – to provide nutritional and exercise counseling, individual and family mental and behavioral health counseling and bilingual support groups to assist patients and caregivers with the stress of chronic illnesses.
  • Volunteers in Medicine (San Francisco, CA)  - $20,000 – to support a chronic disease management program targeted toward a multicultural patient population and encourages patient engagement to promote adherence to care plans. 
  • Malta House of Care (Hartford, CT) - $20,000 – to provide continuity of care for diabetes patients and support for newly diagnosed patients, which includes educational services and instructions for self-management.
  • Good Health Clinic (Tavernier, FL) - $20,000 – to improve coordination of care for patients of a diabetes management program that offers health care screening services, educational services, and access to physical activity programs.
  • Grace Medical Home (Orlando, FL) - $20,000 – to improve awareness of a cardiovascular health program by increasing outreach efforts among patients and enhancing partnerships with community organizations and health care providers.
  • Osceola County Council on Aging Senior Health Clinic (Kissimmee, FL) - $20,000 – to provide follow-up care for uninsured patients diagnosed with heart disease by a primary care provider or referred for additional testing.
  • Center for Black Women’s Wellness (Atlanta, GA) - $20,000 – to provide case management services, including one-on-one counseling, goal setting, and instruction on self-monitoring techniques, to patients with chronic conditions.
  • Community Health Care Clinic (Normal, IL) - $20,000 – to support expansion of onsite services, including cooking and physical activity classes, designed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors among patients with or at risk for high blood pressure.
  • Family Health Partnership Clinic (Crystal Lake, IL) - $20,000 – to support a chronic disease management program designed to help care for patients who are homeless and patients who have difficulty traveling to a clinic.
  • Center for Healing & Hope (Goshen, IN) - $20,000 – to support efforts to improve follow-up care and continuity of care for patients recently diagnosed with diabetes, particularly among the growing local Hispanic population.
  • Matthew 25, Inc. (Fort Wayne, IN) - $20,000 – to support expansion of a diabetes education program with a demonstrated track record of helping patients meet health goals. 
  • St. Martin’s Healthcare Inc. (Garrett, IN) - $15,000 – to establish an educational program for diabetes patients that develops highly individualized plans for patients based on specific health needs and obstacles to care. 
  • Hope Health Clinic, Inc. (LaGrange, KY) - $20,000 – to support health monitoring and wellness education services for patients with and at risk for diabetes, and to help patients address costs of care. 
  • Mission of Mercy, Inc. (Frederick, MD) - $15,000 – to support a care program, which includes educational and routine monitoring services, dedicated specifically to patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. 
  • Oasis Free Clinics (Brunswick, ME) - $20,000 – to support implementation of a diabetes education program with courses designed for various patient populations, including preventive courses and courses for patients already diagnosed. 
  • Catherine’s Health Center (Grand Rapids, MI) - $20,000 – to support the development of personalized health care plans and coordination of multidisciplinary care for patients with multiple chronic conditions.
  • Holland Free Health Clinic (Holland, MI) - $10,000 – to support efforts at a diabetes support and education program to improve care coordination, expand health screening services, engage in more outreach, and reach more patients.
  • Kansas City CARE Clinic (Kansas City, MO) - $20,000 -- to improve patient education services provided by a diabetes management program and to help patients access tools necessary for effective self-management.
  • Free Clinic of Meridian, Inc. (Meridian, MS) - $20,000 – to support efforts to prevent the onset of diabetes through one-on-one clinical care and counseling, as well as educational groups to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Bethesda Free Health Clinic of D’lberville (D’lberville, MS) - $20,000 – to support continued expansion of a diabetes monitoring program that provides services for identifying diabetic patients, delivering educational material, and tracking patients’ progress toward goals.
  • Alliance Medical Ministry (Raleigh, NC) - $20,000 – to provide primary care and health education services to help uninsured patients with chronic illnesses, including diabetes and hypertension, develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Free Clinic of Rockingham County (Reidsville, NC) - $20,000 – to support the expansion of chronic disease management program to allow patients with uncontrolled diabetes or blood pressure support outside clinic’s current operating hours.
  • Grace Clinic of Yadkin (Elkin, NC) - $20,000 – to support expansion of care coordination and educational services intended to help diabetes patients improve ability to self-manage their health.
  • Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (Hackensack, NJ) - $20,000 – to support a bilingual diabetes education program that includes group classes to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and individual counseling delivered via mobile app and phone.
  • Geneseo Parish Outreach Center (Geneseo, NY) - $10,000 – to support preventive diabetes screening program that provides HbA1C, blood pressure screening, and cholesterol testing, as well as routine eye exams and preventive dental care.
  • Capital City Gospel/ Rescue Mission (Albany, NY) - $10,000 – to support a cardiovascular health program that provides health care appointments, lab testing, and medication to patients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  
  • Lake County Free Clinic (Painesville, OH) - $20,000 – to increase availability of appointments, specifically for patients with diabetes or high blood pressure, by up to 1,000 per year and to help patients improve upon key health indicators.
  • Living Well Clinic (Xenia, OH) - $20,000 – to support expansion of care coordination for patients with diabetes and availability of HbA1c and cholesterol screening and monitoring services.
  • Lorain County Free Clinic (Lorain, OH) - $15,000 – to provide comprehensive care to a growing population of diabetic patients, which includes primary care services, stress reduction services, routine eye exams, and dietary counseling. 
  • North Coast Health (Lakewood, OH) - $20,000 – to support the establishment of case management services delivered by a nurse specializing in chronic conditions and working with a multidisciplinary health care team.
  • Centre Volunteers in Medicine (State College, PA) - $20,000 – to support a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to high blood pressure management, which will include the development of evidence-based clinical protocols to guide interventions.
  • Community Volunteers in Medicine (West Chester, PA) - $20,000 – to support a preventive program intended for patients with or at risk for pre-diabetes and a separate intensive care management program for patients with advanced diabetes.
  • University of Scranton Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Center (Scranton, PA) - $20,000 – to support a diabetes education program tailored to Hispanic patients and meant to promote prevention, self-care skills, healthy eating habits, and routine physical activity.
  • Community Initiatives, Inc. (Greenwood, SC) - $20,000 – to support a diabetes management program that combines nurse case management, monitoring, and education to help rural patients achieve blood sugar and blood pressure goals.
  • Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County (Camden, SC) - $20,000 – to support a case management program intended to help diabetes patients improve health care indicators, like blood pressure and blood sugar levels, through one-on-one coaching.
  • Smith Medical Clinic, Inc. (Pawleys Island, SC) - $20,000 – to provide educational services to diabetes and high blood pressure patients and to provide access to physical fitness centers to help them meet health goals.  
  • Faith Family Medical Center (Nashville, TN) - $20,000 – to support a wellness program that offers a six-week, dietitian-led course on nutrition, smoking cessation, and exercise for patients with or at risk for diabetes or high blood pressure. 
  • Sacred Heart Community Clinic (Round Rock, TX) - $20,000 – to support expansion of chronic disease management program that provides initial assessments, medications, testing equipment, educational services, and additional physical examinations.
  • TOMAGAWA HealthCare Ministries (Tomball, TX) - $20,000 – to support a chronic disease management program that encourages patients to develop and adhere to personal action plans with input from health care providers
  • Ubi Caritas (Beaumont, TX) - $20,000 – to support expansion of a diabetes education and management program that delivers health screenings and educational information at community locations like work sites, grocery stores, churches, and schools.
  • Baileys Crossroads Health Access Partnership (Falls Church, VA) - $20,000 – to support a population health management program to help patients with chronic conditions make improvements in blood pressure levels, body weight, blood sugar levels, and overall quality of life. 
  • Health Brigade (Richmond, VA) - $20,000 – to support a multidisciplinary diabetes management program that provides primary care and mental health care services, case management, medication, and additional support. 
  • Chippewa Valley Free Clinic (Eau Clinic, WI) - $10,000 – to support a diabetes and high blood pressure screening and intervention program that seeks to influence patient behavior through clinical care, nutrition counseling, and physical activity coaching.
  • Lake Area Free Clinic (Oconomowoc, WI) - $10,000 – to provide diabetes patients with medication and various testing services, as well as to expand services provided by a dietitian and nurse educator.
  • Health Care Network (Racine, WI) - $20,000 – to support the expansion of services delivered to patients with chronic conditions through the addition of a health coach responsible for aiding case management and facilitating peer support. 
  • West Virginia Health Right, Inc. (Charleston, WV) - $20,000 – to support an educational program for diabetes patients that offers various opportunities for one-on-one counseling, group support groups, and classes on cooking, stress management, and weight loss.
  • Volunteers in Medicine, Chattanooga, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN) - $20,000 – to support an educational program aimed at patients with high blood pressure that focuses on the health benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet.
2017 Recipients


  • Arlington Free Clinic (Arlington, VA) – in support of the “Community Bridge” program which connect patients to medical and non-medical safety-net services that alleviate barriers to achieving health, such as housing, transportation and employment.
  • Cape Volunteers in Medicine, Inc. (Cape May Court House, NJ) – in support of a monthly clinic focused on diabetes disease management and best standards of care.
  • Catherine’s Health Center (Grand Rapids, MI) – in support of adding a new social worker position to the team to evaluate patients for behavioral health issues.
  • Center for Family Health & Education, Inc. (Panorama City, CA) – in support of the creation of a smoking cessation program that identifies patients who use tobacco and provides them with adequate training and resources.
  • Clearwater Free Clinic, Inc. (Clearwater, FL) – to help transition the clinic to a new electronic medical records system to better serve the needs of the low-income, uninsured population.
  • Community Care Clinic (Boone, NC) – in support of a new medical assistant to support the expansion of services at three satellite sites.
  • Community Care Clinic of Rowan County (Salisbury, NC) – in support of smoking cessation classes to help smokers gain control over their behavior and quit for good.
  • Community Health Center of West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL) – to maintain, expand and strengthen its Continuum of Care Program which provides a medical home to uninsured and underinsured individuals and families in Palm Beach County.
  • CommunityHealth (Chicago, IL) - in support of its Hypertension Care Group that provides high-touch, coordinated care for patients with uncontrolled hypertension.
  • Cornerstone Assistance Network (Fort Worth, TX) – in support of the development of a chronic disease management program to overcome the barriers of chronic disease and promote the use of primary and follow-up care.
  • Free Clinic of Central Virginia (Lynchburg, VA) – in support of the Patient Navigation Program, designed to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department utilization and improve clinical outcomes for low-income, uninsured adults.
  • Free Clinic of Meridian, Inc. (Meridian, MS) – in support of a chronic disease management program to reduce the onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in at-risk patients.
  • Good News Clinics (Gainesville, GA) – in support of a cost-effective protocol for evaluation and treatment of Hepatitis C patients.
  • Health Brigade (Richmond, VA) – in support of the addition of a medical social worker to better track outcomes and identify additional barriers to care.
  • Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center (Columbus, OH) - in support of a collaborative hypertension care program that utilizes innovative technologies to help hypertensive patients get their blood pressure under control more quickly.
  • Hope Health Clinic (La Grange, KY) – in support of the One Step at a Time program which was developed to help patients quit smoking and reduce the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Johnstown Free Medical Clinic (Johnstown, PA) – in support of a smoking cessation resource program.
  • Lake Norman Community Health Clinic (Huntersville, NC) – in support of a new chronic disease management program to improve the quality of data collected on chronic care patients at appointments, decrease the time needed to secure lab results, increase patient compliance and improve patient outcomes.
  • Malta House of Care, Inc. (Hartford, CT) – in support of the establishment of a new healthy coaching program for diabetic patients to meet regularly with a patient navigator in an effort to increase the patients’ understanding and management of their disease and improve health outcomes.
  • Martin Luther King Health Center & Pharmacy (Shreveport, LA) – in support of a collaborative care model designed to provide access to healthcare, prescription assistance and disease self-care support.
  • Northern Neck – Middlesex Free Health Clinic (Kilmarnock, VA) – in support of a new full-time pharmacy technician to expand hours of operation, assist the Pharmacist in filling prescriptions, add to the continuity of patient care and travel to outreach offices to dispense medicines.
  • NovaScripts Central, Inc. (Falls Church, VA) – in support of the expansion of the current part-time pharmacist to a full-time position to increase capacity to fill prescriptions.
  • Ohio Association of Free Clinics (Columbus, OH) – in support of a chronic disease management program for patients with asthma.
  • People’s Health Clinic (Park City, UT) – in support of laboratory testing for women’s health services.
  • Shelter Health Services (Charlotte, NC) – in support of increased access of medical services for homeless women and children.
  • St. Martin’s Healthcare, Inc. (Garrett, IN) – in support of expanding services to the underinsured residents of DeKalb and Noble counties.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy (Cincinnati, OH) – in support of increased smoking cessation resources within the pharmacy setting.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Virginia G. Piper Medical & Dental Clinic (Phoenix, AZ) – in support of a sustainable program to provide cervical, breast and colon cancer screenings and high priority vaccinations to the uninsured community.
  • The Free Medical Clinic, Inc. (Columbia, SC) – in support of a migration of records to an electronic medical record system to enhance quality of care through increased connectivity.
  • The Night Ministry (Chicago, IL) – in support of increased medical assistance to homeless individuals, including injury treatment, health assessments and testing and disease prevention.
  • The Olympia Free Clinic (Olympia, WA) – in support of an upgraded Electronic Health Records system to better provide services, improve outcomes and enhance integration of programs.
  • TOMAGWA HealthCare Ministries (Tomball, TX) – in support of a chronic conditions self-management program to help patients take an active role in the daily management of their condition.
  • Volunteers in Medicine, Chattanooga, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN) – in support of a chronic disease management program for patients with diabetes.
2016 Recipients


  • Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (Hackensack, NJ), in support of a diabetes care and education program.
  • CARE Clinic (Red Wing, MN), in support of the uninsured and low-income residents in Goodhue County that lack sufficient resources to manage their chronic illness.
  • Community Free Clinic, Inc. (Concord, NC), in support of a new medical home for low income uninsured adults diagnosed with chronic health conditions who have an emergency department or inpatient hospitalization.
  • Community Health Care Clinic (Normal, IL), in support of the Mobile Health Project that will be accessible to medically under-served people.  
  • CrossOver Healthcare Ministry (Richmond, VA), in support of the Community Pharmacy Expansion Project that will address the need for improved access to affordable medications in Richmond.
  • Fellowship Health Clinic (Hattiesburg, MS), in support of expanded services to include medical care to more residents whose health is most greatly impacted by lack of health access, education, and care.
  • Franciscan Alliance Foundation (Hammond, IN), in support of a diabetes prevention program that will select pre-diabetes patients to work with a trained lifestyle coach.
  • Free Clinic Association of PA (West Chester, PA), in support of a new project that will utilize motivational interviewing to improve health outcomes for patients living with chronic disease.
  • Good News Clinics (Gainesville, GA), in support of enhanced access to services for patients who previously did not have the resources to receive the care necessary.
  • Grace Medical Home (Orlando, FL), in support of hiring a part-time nurse practitioner who will help manage its care coordination referral program.
  • Health Intervention ServicesNow named Exalta Health (Grand Rapids, MI), in support of the creation of a new system that measures outcomes for the services it provides.
  • HealthNet of Rock County, Inc. (Janesville, WI), in support of a program that will assist Spanish-speaking patients in navigating the complex health care system.
  • Hope Within Ministries, Inc. (Elizabethtown, PA), in support of increased access to primary health care and low-cost mental health counsel services.
  • Ithaca Health Alliance, Inc. (Ithaca, NY), in support of an integrative medicine pilot project using the chronic care model.
  • Kansas City CARE Clinic (Kansas City, MO), in support of its intensive dietary management program that will target patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
  • Lake County Free Clinic (Painesville, OH), in support of expanding its services to facilitate walk-in patients.
  • Loudoun Free Clinic (Leesburg, VA), in support of a care coordination program that can help save lives, resources, and time and ensures dependable linkages between social and medical services for low-income residents of Loudoun County.
  • Martin Luther King Health Center & Pharmacy (Shreveport, LA), in support of a program that will decrease diabetes and cardiovascular disease in vulnerable populations.
  • MERCI Clinic, Inc. (New Bern, NC), in support of increasing positive intervention and outcome capacity for chronic diseases.
  • Miami Rescue Mission Clinic, Inc. (Miami, FL), in support of a new program that will treat patients through a personalized care approach.
  • Mustard Seed Community Health (Greensboro, NC), in support of asthma, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease programs.
  • North Coast Health (Lakewood, OH), in support of expanding its chronic illness management program.
  • Phoenix Allies for Community Health (Phoenix, AZ), in support of its quality care coordination project.
  • Reach Out of Montgomery County (Dayton, OH), in support of a care coordination program that supports the health care systems to achieve better health outcomes.
  • San Francisco Free Clinic (San Francisco, CA), in support of added medical personnel to staff a full service evening clinic.
  • San Jose Clinic (Houston, TX), in support of a care coordination program for the uninsured.
  • Sheep Inc. Health Care Center (Monroeville, PA), in support of a second clinic that will give expanded access to patients.
  • Shelter Health Services, Inc. (Charlotte, NC), in support of averting diabetes onset in at-risk homeless women.
  • SLO Noor Foundation (San Luis Obispo, CA), in support of expanding clinic services to one extra day per week.
  • St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic, Inc. (Waukesha, WI), in support of expanded health care services for a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach.
  • The University of Scranton (Scranton, PA), in support of an initiative to manage, reduce or eliminate risk factors of patients who suffer from diabetes, obesity and/or hypertension through healthy lifestyle modifications.
  • Tri City Health Partnership (St. Charles, IL), in support of a coordinated chronic care initiative that will include medical treatment, medications and supplies, comprehensive health education, monitoring and documented health outcomes.
  • Volunteer Healthcare Clinic (Austin, TX), in support of its chronic disease management program that provides comprehensive care to individuals suffering from hypertension, diabetes and other endocrine disorders.
2015 Recipients