“Dancing Like Ginger Rogers”: The Remarkable Work of Free and Charitable Clinics

At a recent grantee breakfast hosted by a corporate healthcare foundation, one of the attendees asked about the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on mainstream healthcare. The presenter named seismic shifts: outcomes-based measurement for reimbursement, integration of physical and mental health services and care coordination, using a team approach to assist patients in getting services outside the usual purview of healthcare such as food assistance, housing assistance and help with medications. I raised my hand and offered the services of the people in that room to teach—for a small fee—the mainstream healthcare providers how to do it. The room erupted in laughter and applause, but I wasn’t joking. The nonprofit sector has been at the forefront of all of those “revolutionary” ideas for years. This type of integration is in the DNA of most community-based organizations. I am still waiting for that call...

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