Dr. Kashinsky - Free Clinic of Simi Valley in Simi Valley, CA

Dr. Kashinsky worked at Kaiser Permanente as a family physician until he retired 5 years ago at age 64. He first came to the Free Clinic of Simi Valley after he helped start the residency physician program at Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills, California. “Dr. Kash” as he is called by the Clinic staff, helps to supervise 6 students each year as they go through the year-long residency program. “I came to the Free Clinic of Simi Valley because the doctors were talking so highly of this place.”

Since Dr. Kashinsky retired from Kaiser, he has continued to volunteer at the Clinic weekly, supervising the physicians. “The students are fun and eager to learn. I’ve really enjoyed working with them.” Dr. Kash thinks the residency program is essential for physicians to complete, “Medical school does not give them enough of the hands-on experience they need. This program allows them to experience the people part of medicine.”

The Kaiser residency program is not the only thing keeping him volunteering at the Free Clinic, he says “the patients need me. And the staff here is wonderful. I feel comfortable helping people here.” When he started volunteering with the Free Clinic of Simi Valley, Dr. Kash heard from many patients about unemployment, loss of assets, etc. “Things are turning around in the eyes of the patients. I am a part of their journey and I am happy to hear things are getting better for folks.”

“My impression is the community is quite generous. More so than other communities. The Free Clinic of Simi Valley exists because of the grace of this community.” Dr. Kashinsky is a very important volunteer at the Free Clinic of Simi Valley and we are grateful for his dedication.

Dr. Kashinsky