How Physicians CareConnection has become a health care hub for the underserved

The way Isi Ikharebha Green landed in her role as president of Physicians CareConnection (PCC) was a bit unconventional, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Green was a chemist, and she may have stayed on that path if it weren’t for a friend at the Columbus Medical Association, who encouraged her to apply for a job at sister company Access Health Columbus, today known as Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus, to work on a free clinic model. Nearly two decades ago, she had no clue she soon would see the formation of PCC.

The healthcare nonprofit is the brainchild of Access Health’s program, Volunteer Care Network, founded in 2003, and the Physicians Free Clinic, founded in 1993. Both programs fell under the medical association and joined forces in 2009 as Physicians Free Clinic/Volunteer Care Network to serve any person who faced healthcare barriers. In 2011, the two groups adopted the name Physicians CareConnection.

So, what has made PCC so successful? The organization is packed with volunteer medical providers and 28 employees who offer their services free of charge. It has also been backed by all five federally qualified health centers in Franklin County and has raised $2 million for its 2021 budget...




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