Small changes lead to big results.  As a nation, our health outcomes are becoming increasingly worse.  For 15 years, the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics has been in communities across the nation providing care to those who need it most.

In celebration of our 15th Anniversary, we would like to challenge everyone in 2016 to make a small change to your monthly routine to benefit your health.  How will your small change make an impact?  Choose something to do daily, weekly, or monthly in increments of 15.  From 15 more glasses of water to 15 more laps at the pool, we know that a small change in preventative care can lead to a better and longer life.

Want to share this pledge initiative with your family, friends, schoolmates, colleagues...? You can download a printable pledge card here - Impact15 Pledge Card - and a handout here - Impact15 Handout/Poster.  Also available in Spanish - Impact15 Pledge Card SPANISH & Impact15 Handout/Poster SPANISH

Example Pledges:

  • Drink 15 more glasses of water per week for a month, or eat 15 more fruits and vegetables per month
  • Run/walk at least 15 minutes everyday for a month, or run 15 more miles in a month
  • Do 15 squats every day for a month, or increase resistant by 15 pounds by the end of the month
  • Smoke 15 less cigarettes for a month
  • Meditate for 15 minutes everyday this month to recharge

Pledges can also be made to help make an impact on the health of others, by pledging to donate to the NAFC or to a local Free or Charitable Clinic an extra $15 a month for a year, or by pledging to volunteer at a local clinic and/or NAFC event for 15 hours.

Help up reach our goal of 15,000 pledges in 2016!  Make Your Pledge TODAY!

I pledge that I realize my health is important and by committing to make small changes to my lifestyle I will have a big impact in improving my overall health.
(If you are associated with a local Free or Charitable Clinic, please name them here)
(Share what motivated you to make this pledge or what you hope to gain from it)