NAFC's Hurricane Harvey Response - Donate to Relief Efforts Now!

The impact of Hurricane Harvey is devastating.  The stories seen on the news and the first-hand accounts that we at the NAFC are hearing from our clinics, patients, staff, volunteers and friends is just heartbreaking.
The NAFC staff has been making daily check-in calls to our impacted members.  As with any disaster, the first thing is to make sure everyone is ok.  Then comes assessing the damage and figuring out where to start to rebuild.  The recovery process will certainly not be easy and is sure to take months, if not years.
The NAFC has been working with our partners to ensure that our members are connected with any immediate help that they need.  We are also collecting lists of items that the clinics need to help them rebuild and reopen their doors as soon as possible.  We will work with our partners and friends to collect and distribute donations of products that are needed.  Whatever we are not able to have donated, we hope to offset any costs our affected clinics incur through financial donations.
We have had over 25 clinics directly impacted and all of the clinics have sustained damage,  limiting their ability to care for patients in-house. Clinics have lost medication, supplies, technology and many personnel are stranded. The clinics who can get to their locations are conducting backpack medicine, where the doctors are going door to door to check on their patients.
We ask that you please consider making a donation today to help our clinics and their communities recover and rebuild after such a devastating disaster.  Join the NAFC and show that we are with them and that we are here to help.
Online donations can be made at or by clicking the button below.

Thank you for your help as we care for those impacted by this storm.  We couldn’t do it without you!