The Pharmacy Connection (TPC)


The Pharmacy Connection (TPC) is a web-based software developed by the Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) that provides access to free brandname medications through the pharmaceutical companies Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), low-cost generic medications through Rx Outreach, and other free and discount generic programs. TPC also includes programs for free or deeply discounted C-PAP machines, hearing aids, nebulizers, eyeglasses, and other supplies.

TPC was designed by Medication Assistance Caseworkers (MACs) for Medication Assistance Caseworkers. It is HIPAA compliant and streamlines everything from determining patient eligibility to ordering, tracking and reporting for more than 300 prescription assistance programs. In Virginia alone, TPC has generated more than $4.8 billion in free and low-cost generic medications for more than 334,000 individuals since it was first developed 20 years ago.

TPC is currently used by 268 organizations (137 in Virginia and 131 in 13 other states). Of those, 37 are free clinics in Virginia and 37 are free clinics in other states.